To be fair, this film is a small indie that was looking for some recognition so they got the biggest name they could get. That big name also happens to be trying to branch out. There is another Jobs biopic in the works from Sony that's bigger budget, based on Isaacson's book and will probably be much smarter in… » 4/02/12 12:22pm 4/02/12 12:22pm

Al Jazeera English Now Available for Android

Al Jazeera already has a live streaming app available for Android, but a new full featured Al Jazeera English app has hit the Android Market and includes all the content from the website, breaking news alerts, free live video of their broadcast and the ability to send your media to Al Jazeera. Free. [Android Market] » 5/10/11 9:02pm 5/10/11 9:02pm